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  • August 2022 Resident Calendar

    August 2022 Resident Calendar

    Hot story: it’s the height of this hot summer we’re having some fun! First we have something to see – lunch and a movie matinee to cool off for the day. Then we head out shopping. Hungry for snacks and hankering to socialize? Sombreros and snacks rule the day at the August Friends & Family event. In the second half of the month. we’ll hop over to The Point for a hearty lunch out, then hold on to happy summer vibes as we host an end of summer picnic at Jonas Green State Park. Hooray!

  • July 2022 Resident Calendar

    July 2022 Resident Calendar

    We are pleased to present our plans for a picture perfect July! July premiers with ‘pic-n-paint’ pottery. Partway through the month we’re popping over to port to set sail on the Harbor Queen. Post-port, we proceed to a summer spectacular picnic in the park. Then, we proudly party with our favorite people at our annual Friends & Family Patriot Party, where we’ll play patriotic tunes and proffer snacks and potables. When you’re ready to perk up your palate yet again, partake of goodies from peppery tacos to tortillas and pico at Cafe Rio.

    Could we possibly put more fun into the month? Positively! Please peruse our plentiful (and packed) calendar for more.

  • June 2022 Resident Calendar

    June 2022 Resident Calendar

    Set your sights on summer fun this month! Start with a shopping trip, then settle in for some super snacks, seaside sounds, and social vibes at the Friends & Family Luau. Mid-month we step out onto the green for mini-golf. And, speaking of green, we’re stopping at Jonas Green State Park for an official summer kickoff picnic on the first day of the season! Meanwhile, there’s surf and turf as we celebrate Father’s Day, a summer birthday bash, and of course, a lunch out soaking in the scenery at Pusser’s Grill. See you there!

  • May 2022 Resident Calendar

    May 2022 Resident Calendar

    There is much to do this May! “May” we suggest… baseball, bonding with friends and family, and brunch? We lead off with a fun afternoon at the ball park, then bring it back home for our Cinco de Mayo Friends & Family event. Our Mother’s Day lunch will make your day, with more live entertainment and delightful drinks. Mid-month, we dine at The Park Tavern for another lovely lunch. Before the month is out, bring your shopping list to our personal shopper, who will make a mad dash to Wal-Mart to buy up the basics (and more). Of course, we close with our May birthday bash! Make it a date – we’ll see you there!

  • April 2022 Resident Calendar

    April 2022 Resident Calendar

    April is shaping up to be so fabulous! First, our personal shopper forages for your favorite sundries at Green Valley marketplace. Then, it’s time for a Spring Fling with friends and family! With a DJ spinning the finest tunes, it’s a surefire way to have some spring Saturday fun. The month saunters forward with savory fresh Italian fare at Pasticcio, and a seriously funny movie matinee. Finally, we send forth best birthday wishes at the April birthday bash, complete with snacks, frosted goodies, and more!

  • March 2022 Resident Calendar

    March 2022 Resident Calendar

    March comes in like a… turtle? We never know exactly who is going to show up with “Echoes of Nature,” but we know it’s going to be wild! March kicks off with a visit from our furry, scaly, and feathered friends. And speaking of nature, it’s only natural to want to see a little green in March, with the temperatures slowing warming. As the crocuses and daffodils start to pop up outside, we’ll be popping out to O’Loughlin’s Restaurant mid-month to welcome that other kind of green – St. Patrick’s Day! The green scene continues with our Friends & Family St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, which includes great food, music, and of course, green beer. As always, March goes out with our monthly birthday bash. We’ll see you there!

  • February 2022 Resident Calendar

    February 2022 Resident Calendar

    What could be finer that February at The Annapolitan? First, our personal shopper will ferry your favorites from Giant. Family and friends descend for our annual Mardi Gras celebration, a Fat Tuesday fete with finger food, festive music, and more. Fend off the frigid temps with a mid-winter movie matinee of “Snow Day.” For Valentine’s Day, fall in love with heartfelt tunes spun by resident DJ Larry. Then, follow us to Gordon Biersch for a fun-filled afternoon of fine food and frosty beverages. The February finale is our fabulous birthday bash, complete with cake and goodies for all our February birthdays!

  • January 2022 Resident Calendar

    January 2022 Resident Calendar

    Behold! The new year has begun and we’re bowled over by the abundance of big opportunities for fun. Better get your list together for our personal shopper, who will be buying up goodies at Green Valley Market as the month begins. Then, we’re lacing up our bowling shoes and having a ball at Severna Park Lanes. But, it doesn’t stop there! A bounty from the sea beckons for lunch at Carrol’s Creek Cafe. Back at The Annapolitan, we’re bringing back a favorite: our Friends & Family Bull and Oyster Roast. Finally, we say “bye-bye” to the month and “happy birthday” to friends at our January Birthday Bash.

  • December 2021 Resident Calendar

    December 2021 Resident Calendar

    Feeling festive and looking for holiday fun? Take your pick! Pick up some holiday goodies when our personal shopper heads to Dollar General, then pick some pottery to paint with “pic-n-paint” pottery.
    Prefer a performance? Join us at Maryland Hall for a “mini-performance” of the Nutcracker that is sure to be on point(e)! Speaking of points, we’re taking two rides out to Sandy Point for Lights on the Bay (be sure to reserve your spot).
    Mid-month, pour yourself some holiday cheer with friends and family as resident DJ Larry spins festive holiday tunes at our Friends & Family gathering.
    What else? We’ll motor off to Mother’s Peninsula Grille for a lunch out, then settle in for a merry movie matinee and our annual Christmas Eve Brunch. Finally, we’ll pop out of 2021 with the December birthday bash on New Year’s Eve.
    Happy holidays, everyone!

  • November 2021 Resident Calendar

    November 2021 Resident Calendar

    We’re thinking good times as November rolls in. Thoughtfully gather your pre-holiday shopping list; our personal shopper is headed to Wal-Mart to get all the goodies. Then, enjoy the grill mid-month at Mezzanotte as we head out for lunch.

    On Veteran’s Day we thank greatly our residents who served, with our annual Veteran’s Day event. Then, Thanksgiving arrives and we’ll be celebrating all there is to be thankful for this year (and there’s a great deal) at our Thanksgiving Day feast.


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