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  • October 2021 Resident Calendar

    October 2021 Resident Calendar

    Ooh, October! Orange and black are everywhere and we’re getting in on the spooky spirit. Get ready – hand off your Halloween shopping list to our personal shopper, who will be scaring up supplies at Walgreens.
    Mid-month, we’re heading to one of our favorite haunts, Broadneck Grill Cantina, for an al fresco lunch. Then, take a break from the batty for our annual Oktoberfest – it wouldn’t be October without some oompah!
    Our October movie matinee features the frighteningly funny Addams Family, and as October ends, we’re conjuring up a new creation. No Frankenstein’s monster over here: instead it’s a combination Halloween party and October birthday bash. Ooh, fun!

  • September 2021 Resident Calendar

    September 2021 Resident Calendar

    Ready to set sail into September? We start by stepping aboard the Harbor Queen for a special afternoon cruise. Then, send your shopping list out with our personal shopper, who will be sauntering off to Target for all of your supplies and sundries! Mid-month, set your sights on savory selections from the sea: our Friends & Family Crab Feast, and an outing to Donnelly’s Dockside. Finally, September signs off with our monthly birthday bash celebration. We’ll see you here!

  • August 2021 Resident Calendar

    August 2021 Resident Calendar

    August has arrived, and you bet we’re catching up on summer fun! As the month begins, collect your shopping lists – our personal shopper will be filling a big cart at Target. After that, baseball calls, and so does bingo! We’re off for one of our favorite summer outings: Bowie Baysox Bingo. At mid-month, our awesome entertainers belt out the classics at the “Cockatils & Crooners” Friends & Family party. After all that, we’ll be closing out the summer with an end-of-season picnic at Jonas Green State Park. As always, the Birthday Bash celebration concludes the month.

    All of us at The Annapolitan bid you a cheerful August!

  • July 2021 Resident Calendar

    July 2021 Resident Calendar

    Ahoy, friends! It’s summer at the Annapolitan! Our personal shopper is at it – off to Wal-Mart to gather all you fancy. An All-American fete follows with our annual Friends & Family Patriot Party just after Independence Day. As mid-month arrives step out for al fresco dining at the Federal House, then catch our movie matinee at home, featuring “Aloha.” As always, our month ends with an afternoon of fun at the birthday bash. It’s all fabulous, and we’ll see you here!

  • June 2021 Resident Calendar

    June 2021 Resident Calendar

    The weather is warm and we’re feeling feeling fine! Friends and Family are invited to join us for two fabulous events, starting with our luau party. Then, Father’s Day festivities beckon with a bountiful lunch. What could possibly follow? A feast from Bahama Mike’s delivered to our dining room, a birthday bash, and a Bowie Baysox game! June is bustling with friends, family, and fun, and we’re all for it!

  • May 2021 Resident Calendar

    May 2021 Resident Calendar

    May means more! We’re mapping out more good times as we meander into the milder months. Our personal shopper is on the move, so make your requests for must-haves at Target. We’re celebrating Mother’s Day with live music and lunch, followed by our mid-month movie matinee. Also mid-month, our friends and family events make their return with our annual Cinco de Mayo fiesta! And there’s more: we’ve got a mouth-watering catered dinner from Paul’s Homewood CafĂ©, and the May birthday bash to make the end of the month marvelous!

  • April 2021 Resident Calendar

    April 2021 Resident Calendar

    April is going great at the Annapolitan! If anyone’s got some shopping to do, our personal shopper will be around Graul’s as the month arrives. After getting the month off to a glorious start, we celebrate April showers with a grand movie matinee: Singin’ In the Rain. Got an appetite for all-American goodies? A catered dinner from Bahama Mike’s will appease! As always, we approach the end month with abundant games and good times at the April birthday bash.

  • March 2021 Resident Calendar

    March 2021 Resident Calendar

    March is marching in, and it’s time to go green! We start with going… Wal-green. Our personal shopper is heading to Walgreens to pick up all of your spring must-haves. Mid-month we celebrate the wearing-of-the-green, with a themed movie matinee, and catered dinner from Fado’s Irish Pub. Finally, we have our monthly birthday bash – a most festive way to wrap up March and kick off the spring, wouldn’t you a-green? See our full calendar for more!

  • February 2021 Resident Calendar

    February 2021 Resident Calendar

    We’re looking forward to a fantastic February here at the Annapolitan! First up, our personal shopper is making a foray to Wal-Mart for you! Our mid-month movie matinee features a fine film: : My Fair Lady. Feeling fancy? It’s Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant for our catered lunch fete. Finally, we wave farewell to February with our festive birthday bash. Fabulous!

  • January 2021 Resident Calendar

    January 2021 Resident Calendar

    We’re jumping into January and the new year with a little something new, yet also familiar and favorite, too! First, our personal shopper is making a jaunt to Wal-Mart for any new year necessities you fancy. Just about mid-month, join us for our January movie matinee. Then, a neat treat for those looking for a new yum: we’re having dinner catered by Smashing Grapes, a new local restaurant. Finally, January wraps up with first joyful birthday bash of the new year.
    Happy new year from everyone at the Annapolitan!


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