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  • November 2020 Resident Calendar

    November 2020 Resident Calendar

    Now is the time to get cozy indoors and let the world come to you! November necessities are on the way: our personal shopper will wander Walgreens and wrangle the must-haves on your list while you stay warm. Mid-month, we’re bringing the waterfront home with a catered dinner from Latitude 38. Finally, we wrap up the month with birthday cake and merriment at our monthly birthday bash.

    As we do each November, we’ll have a special event honoring our resident veterans on Veteran’s Day. However, this year our celebration and ceremony will be for residents only.

  • October 2020 Resident Calendar

    October 2020 Resident Calendar

    Get a jump on autumn activity! As the month begins, our personal shopper makes a jaunt to Target for all you cool-weather necessities. Mid-month, Julep Southern Kitchen caters lunch. What better way to warm up than with a jolt of saucy southern cuisine? Then, join us outside for Oktoberfest with friends and family. Just wait ’til you see: we’ll be set up for safety and celebration and of course, an “oompah” serenade! At the end of the month, a joyful afternoon juggles Halloween and birthday treats for all.

    This is just the beginning – see our full calendar for more!

  • September 2020 Resident Calendar

    September 2020 Resident Calendar

    What might we be planning this month? We’re making a trip to WalMart, so get your list of wants and must-haves to our personal shopper! Movies on your mind? You won’t want to miss the Wednesday movie matinee: “When Harry Met Sally.”


    Mid-month, Mother’s Grille delivers mouthwatering munchies for a catered dinner. And, as always we make some noise at the monthly birthday bash. Make sure to watch the full calendar, there is way more there, too!

  • August 2020 Resident Calendar

    August 2020 Resident Calendar

    August approaches with a-one, all-time favorites, and we’re all ready! As the month begins, add to your shopping list: the Annapolitan’s personal shopper is available to acquire your items for you. Afterward, bring an abundant appetite for American fare; Adam’s Grill caters lunch mid-month with an amazingly appetizing assortment. The Annapolitan August movie matinee offers an American classic for your appreciation, and as always, we alight on the end of August by a-lighting some candles at the monthly birthday bash!

  • July 2020 Resident Calendar

    July 2020 Resident Calendar

    Goodness! Summer really gets going this month! Got a growing shopping list? Our personal shopper will grab some goodies for you at Walgreens. Then it’s time to get to the green – Jonas Green State Park – for good times and galavanting (safely, of course) at our resident picnic. Garry’s Grill will get your mouth watering with great grub delivered for lunch mid-month. And finally, the month goes off with a movie matinee – gallop on down for “The Horse Whisperer” – and our great birthday bash.

  • June 2020 Resident Calendar

    June 2020 Resident Calendar

    Summer has arrived and we’re staying cool right here at home. Start the month by stocking up on sundries! Our personal shopper is heading to the dollar store to help you secure your stash of summer supplies. Mid-month, make time for Maggiano’s, and a movie matinee. What could be better than catered lunches and cinematic capers? As ever, we’ll wrap up a joyful June with our birthday bash. Stay safe and stay cool!

  • May 2020 Resident Calendar

    May 2020 Resident Calendar

    May means summer is on the way, and we’re making way for warmer days while keeping safe. Missing any summer essentials? Make a list for our personal shopper, who will be motoring off to WalMart. Mid-month, the May movie matinee brings baseball right to us with Field of Dreams. Then, a mouthwatering meal catered by Mike’s Crab House (can you smell the Old Bay?) means we get a taste of summer! Finally, before May marches on, we’ll celebrate the many May birthdays at our monthly birthday bash.

  • April 2020 Resident Calendar

    April 2020 Resident Calendar

    We’re pursuing some perfect stay-at-home entertainment in April!

    Playing it safe means pausing shopping trips for now, so our personal shopper will pick-up sundries (plus anything else you’d like) from Target early in the month. If cinema is your pleasure, pull up a seat for a lunchtime movie matinee, right at home. Perhaps some comfort food would hit the spot? Pitch in and help promote a small business as you pile your plate with savory all-American classics from Park Tavern, which will cater our lunch on April 22nd.


    And, as we do every month, put your hands together and say happy birthday at our monthly birthday bash.


    To our families and friends, please stay safe! We look forward to seeing you soon.

  • March 2020 Resident Calendar

    March 2020 Resident Calendar

    Set your sights high for super happenings this month!

    Start with shopping heartily on our monthly shopping trip. Then, get steeped in history as we visit the Maryland state house. Mid-month, see how we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day: say hello to green beer, good cheer and special hors d’oeuvres at our Friends & Family gathering! Still hungry for more Irish fare? St. Patty’s Day doesn’t stop here. We’ll stretch this sensational holiday one extra day for a lunch outing to Fado. Then, sally homeward for the monthly birthday bash. Sound good? See you here!

  • February 2020 Resident Calendar

    February 2020 Resident Calendar

    Happy February! February is for having fun. First, a foray to Dollar Tree for some frugal finds. Then, we flip on the hi-fi for Vinyl Libations, Valentine’s love edition, with resident DJ Larry. How to follow such high-flying festivities? Romance in dance form, of course! We head over the Maryland Hall for a mini-performance of Swan Lake. Then, we’re back home for a hoppin’ Fat Tuesday celebration with friends and family.


    If all of those February festivities find you hankering for hearty food, join us for a lunch feast at the Severn Inn. Finally, we fill out the month with a happy February birthday celebration. February happens fast, so have fun… we’ve got more in store for March!


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