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Looking after a loved one who can no longer safely live alone is one of the greatest challenges dedicated caregivers face. An assisted living community can be a comfortable, enriching solution for seniors and their caregivers, offering safety, security and peace of mind.

Following are the questions many families and caregivers have as they begin learning about assisted living and the many options for today’s seniors.

For more information, please contact us at (410) 757-7000.

Can I visit my loved one at the Annapolitan?

Yes! Families and friends are welcome to visit at any time. Please join us in making residents’ health and safety a priority by refraining from visiting if you are feeling unwell or showing any signs or symptoms of illness.

What is the difference between assisted living, senior living, nursing homes and retirement homes?

Assisted Living
Assisted living offers seniors assistance with the tasks of day-to-day living in a secure, residential community. Assisted living communities are staffed by licensed nurses and/or certified nursing assistants 24 hours a day, and offer assistance with personal tasks such as bathing, dressing, using the toilet, and medications, as well as overall health management and supervision.

The Annapolitan also includes a secure memory care neighborhood for residents with Alzheimers or other memory related impairment. This area is safe and protected, with its own programming and specially trained staff, designed to offer those with memory impairment maximum independence and safety.

Nursing Home
A nursing home typically provides services for residents who require skilled nursing care and ongoing medical assistance or intervention, such as use of a feeding tube or long-term use of intravenous medications. Nursing homes often have more of a “hospital-like” feel because of the needs of the residents.

Retirement Home
A retirement home may refer to apartment complexes with age minimums. It may also refer to a continuing care community, which is a campus that includes various levels of care, usually with a significant buy-in.

Senior Living
Senior living is a generic term applied to senior care residences, such as assisted living and other communities.

How do I know what kind of residence my loved one needs?

The needs of seniors vary greatly. At The Annapolitan, we learn about your loved one’s needs by conducting a thorough assessment and communicating with their physician to ensure assisted living is the right option.

What does “level II” care mean in assisted living?

As you research assisted living communities, you may see terminology about “levels” of care. The level of care is an indicator of how much care a resident needs, and is usually related to how services are priced. While many communities use this terminology, there is no standard definition for each level of care. Be sure to ask each community how they define their levels and how they determine when the care level for a resident has changed.

Once someone is in assisted living, will they have to move if their needs change?

When a resident has made The Annapolitan home, we will do all we can to allow them to stay if their needs change, so long as it is in their best interest. We can assist in coordinating on-site physical therapy, visiting nurse services, hospice, and other supportive services that accommodate changing needs.

Is assisted living covered under Medicare?

Assisted living is not covered under Medicare.

The daily or monthly fees and related charges are not covered by Medicare. However, certain regularly covered services such as physical therapy and prescription drug benefits are still covered for seniors living in assisted living residences.

Are there veterans benefits for assisted living?

Yes. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) awards a special monthly pension benefit called Aid & Attendance for wartime veterans and surviving spouses of deceased wartime veterans. Please see our Veterans page for more information.

What is the difference between memory care and assisted living?

Memory care is a form of assisted living that is specially geared toward those with advanced Alzheimer’s and other memory related concerns. (Memory impairment may also be referred to as dementia or senile dementia.) Cattail Cove, our memory care neighborhood, has added security to ensure the safety of residents whose memory loss puts them at high risk for wandering into unsafe situations. Specially trained staff provide a higher level of hands-on care and reassurance 24 hours a day.

Additionally, the physical layout, color palettes, dining options, and activities programming are geared to offer maximum support, dignity, and independence to those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of memory loss.

How do I know if my loved one needs memory care?

We evaluate every potential resident for their level of cognitive and physical functioning to determine the environment that will best suit their individual needs.

The primary factors we consider are the resident’s safety and the resident’s potential to adapt socially.

Memory care is usually the safest option for those who are at risk to wander into inappropriate areas or are likely to leave their home without assistance and become lost.

Social Behaviors
Alzheimer’s and related memory disorders sometimes cause social behaviors that can lead to isolation. In Cattail Cove, these behaviors are less likely to cause isolation, allowing for the person with Alzheimer’s to more fully adapt, engage, and remain as independent as possible.

My loved one is forgetful. Is regular assisted living still an option?

Yes. Many families seek assisted living care for a loved one after noticing short-term memory loss, such as forgetting to turn off the stove, or forgetting to take medication on time.

People with short-term memory loss related to aging frequently thrive in an assisted living environment where they are supported with gentle reminders and assistance with complex tasks. As long as residents are not in danger of harming themselves or others because of behaviors related to memory loss, assisted living can be an excellent choice.

Will we have to change physicians?

You are welcome to retain your physician. For your convenience we also have relationships with physicians who visit The Annapolitan regularly.

Can we bring our own furniture? What about decorations?

Yes! We encourage residents to bring their own furniture and decorations to their new home. (If you prefer to use our furniture, we provide furnished suites at no extra cost.) We’ll gladly paint the apartment and/or bathroom a custom color, too.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes! We understand and appreciate the special joy that animal companions bring. There is more information about The Annapolitan’s animal residents on our pet policy page.

What are your visiting hours?

The Annapolitan is our residents’ home and we respect their right to have visitors any time they like. There are no set visiting hours at the Annapolitan, and there is never, ever a charge for guest meals. We welcome residents’ families and friends to join us at meal time and any time.

All guests are required to sign in and sign out. Our doors are locked in the evenings for our residents’ safety, with a buzzer entry system for arriving guests.

How is the food?

We’re really proud of the great food at the Annapolitan. Our Chef is creative and passionate, and dedicated to making wholesome, homemade, satisfying meals for our residents and guests. Our menus are varied and personalized, and can be specialized for those with specific dietary needs. Please join us for a meal or event and see for yourself!

Can residents have meals in their apartments?

Yes. We are happy to offer room service at no additional charge.

Many residents also choose to have micro-fridges and microwaves in their living spaces for special snacks.

What is included in the monthly rate?

Our standard services include care from licensed nurses, meals, activities and entertainment, and much more. Our fees are determined by three considerations: the type of accommodation, the amount of care needed, and the need for medication management.

Do you offer short-term stays?

Yes. We offer short-term stays based on availability. All of our regular services are included in the daily rate, which is based on the type of accommodation, level of care, and medication management.

For seniors recovering from illness, injury, or surgery, our Get Well Sooner program offers supportive services during those very important and sometimes overwhelming first few weeks after discharge from a hospital or rehabilitation center.


Get To Know Us

For a private tour and personal conversation about The Annapolitan's services, please call Jim Thompson, Executive Director, at (410) 757-7000.

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Did you know?

The Annapolitan is the leading independently owned and managed assisted living community in Anne Arundel County.

For over twenty-five years, we’ve led the county in providing superior assisted living and memory care. Come see our unique, friendly community!



Michael Meystel
Michael Meystel
Very caring staff and friendly residents. Small family feel. Clean and well kept. Don't come here - it should continue to be a secret.
Kerry Willingham
Kerry Willingham
We moved our mom here about three weeks ago from a place that was more expensive and not very caring. Annapolitan Assisted Living is a hidden GEM! This place is organized, caring, spectacular! In less than a month our mom is smiling again, out of her room doing activities again, and she is even playing the piano again! The nurses are wonderful and caring. The director is amazing. Most workers have been here for over 7 years, and you can tell they enjoy their jobs. The dining hall is great, and we just love them all! We are so glad that someone told us about this gem of a place, otherwise, they don't advertise and they don't spend extra money doing it because they aren't a corporation. What a lovely place! Thank you!
Sean Michaels
Sean Michaels
Look no further, this assisted living home is amazing! My mother lived in an assisted living facility prior to moving to Annapolitan Assisted Living, and while we are thankful that her prior facility kept her safe and cared for, her former assisted living experience was no comparison to the wonderful experience she has had at the Annapolitan. My mom has lived here for almost three years and I am always impressed by how professional the staff is, and how kind they are to my mother. Additionally, the activities director always has terrific parties for the residents and the residents’ family and friends, and they take residents on outings to restaurants, parks, and even Bowie Baysox baseball games. During the COVID pandemic, the facility manager was absolutely terrific in balancing the health needs of residents with their emotional need to see family and friends, and implemented common sense precautions to protect residents. The entire staff is top-notch, friendly and caring. If you are looking for a place for yourself or your loved one, the Annapolitan is a terrific choice!
The very best Staff and Facility! We looked at several in the area. The care they provide is wonderful!.. The food is excellent. Thank you. We rest easy knowing our Father is in the best AssustedLiving home.. a
Amy Mcfarland
Amy Mcfarland
This place is wonderful! My mom is very well taken care of, the staff is very attentive. Jim Thompson, the director has gone above and beyond to make the families of the residents well informed during COVID-19.
Marion Frost
Marion Frost
At this Thanksgiving time of year, our family has much to be thankful for, not the least of which was our decision four years ago to choose The Annapolitan as Dad’s new residence. Dad is now 105 years old and is extremely happy in his surroundings. There is not a doubt in our minds that Dad’s happiness is solely due to the care, compassion, and respect he receives from the dedicated staff and management. I have written two or three previous reviews so that other families can make the right choice for the care of their loved ones. Those reviews have been equally balanced between the staff’s excellence and that of The Annapolitan’s management, but this time I want to commend, applaud, and extend our gratitude more specifically to Jim Thompson, the Director. By anyone’s measure, by any standard, I do not think there could be a better director of an assisted living facility. The quality and consistency of care over the four years of Dad’s residency has been unwavering and above reproach, and is indicative of Jim’s skills. He is kind, calm, and attentive to residents and family alike, yet maintains a professional demeanor that inspires confidence. His understanding, response, and communication during the current Covid-19 crisis is to be applauded, yet I think he does not get enough credit. Most people probably wouldn’t realize the number of masters that Jim has been serving this year: the Health Department, the Governor’s regulations, his residents, his staff, his families, and, of course, the Virus. Even after the most recent round of on-site testing, which resulted in a very unexpected 32 “Positives,” Jim had every person retested within eight hours. Every one of those 32 retests came back as “Negative.” Jim and The Annapolitan have had in impeccable record of performance and communication during a very unpredictable and uncertain time. Our family is very grateful. In closing I want to send a message to my own family members…If I ever need assisted care, PLEASE check me into “Hotel Annapolitan.” Marion Frost
Melissa Rayhart
Melissa Rayhart
Words cannot express my appreciation for Annapolitan Assisted Living during my dad's stay of almost 2 years. The staff is top notch as is the management. It is true what the reviews are saying. Annapolitan AL is a great place, good food, fun parties, outings and more. My dad was so very happy there. Also, we as a family were happy that he had a safe and loving environment that included us any time day or night. I was very concerned when he had to be moved to the memory care unit. I quickly learned that the advice I was given (that it was time) was spot on. Although he was not in memory care for very long due to a lung illness and a stroke he received excellent care from the staff. They worked tirelessly to make him comfortable and I will be forever grateful. Part of the sadness of losing my dad is that I will miss seeing on a regular basis all of the folks that helped our family to make his last years great years. Don't overlook this place in your search for excellent care and an extended group of family and friends!
Catherine Weston
Catherine Weston
Respite Care for My Dad: This place is awesome! Everyone is really kind and helpful. My dad was skeptical at first but found the place to be really nice. It is spotlessly clean with none of the smells you find at other places. Jim worked with me to get him registered and all the required paperwork prior to him checking in. I love this place and will keep them in mind for upcoming respite care needs and any long term care needs that may arise! What a hidden gem! Oh, and the pictures you see are true to date - none of the styling that other places have and when you arrive it looks totally dated and dirty and old!
Doug Schenker
Doug Schenker
The Annapolitan is now my home. I'm happy here. There are a lot of activities. The staff encourages me to press the button on my pendant any time I need help. It is after all assisted living. They make sure that the residents get their medicine on time. More later when I have time.