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The Annapolitan Assisted Living has strong ties in the Annapolis community and close relationships with many local health care providers. Following is a sampling of some of the many local vendors we are delighted to have serving our residents.

Of course, residents of The Annapolitan are free to use any provider they choose, and all providers are welcome on-site.

Anchor Pharmacy
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  • The Annapolitan’s pharmacy of choice since August 2010
  • Anchor’s bubble packaging is a safe and efficient method of storage, leading to error-proof medication administration and accounting.


CounterPoint Health Services
CounterPoint Health Services is the leading provider of behavioral health and memory care support in our area. We encourage all of our residents whom have been diagnosed with dementia, cognitive impairment, or any mental health issue to receive a comprehensive evaluation at admission to determine a plan of treatment at the Annapolitan. Yvonne Fomengia, DNP, is on-site every other week to provide treatment and medication monitoring as necessary.


Dr. Daniel Duffy, Gentle Touch Podiatry
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  • Visits the Annapolitan, providing basic podiatry services (nail care, corns and calluses)
  • Geriatric foot care
  • Palliative services.


Robert Abbott Portable Dentist, LLC

  • Provides full service dental care including cleanings, fillings, extractions, emergency care, dentures and repairs
  • Specializes in offering quality geriatric dental care to residents of assisted living and skilled nursing communities
  • Regular visits at The Annapolitan, and provides emergency service.


General Practitioners/Primary Care Providers
Dr. Rita Dhawan (Ellicott City)
Nicole Bachmann, CRNP, On Site Medical House Calls
Rachel Nelson, CRNP, Access Wellness Healthcare

Please speak with our nursing office to determine which of these three excellent visiting providers may be the best choice for your loved one. You are always welcome to maintain your current physician or transition to an on-site option if or when the time is right for you.


Radiation Physics, Inc.

Radiation Physics, Inc. (RPI) has offered unparalleled service to senior living communities in the D.C./Baltimore metropolitan areas for the past 30+ years. On-site services include:

  • General x-rays
  • Ultrasound and vascular doppler studies
  • Echocardiograms
  • EKGs.

The vast majority of these services are covered entirely by insurance and do not involve out-of-pocket expenses.


HarmoniCare Mobile Lab and Phlebotomy Services

Harmonicare provides mobile lab and phlebotomy services at a regular fee of $36.50 (same-day and weekend charges are higher). HarmoniCare’s phlebotomist will process routine bloodwork orders, urinalysis requests, and PT/INR checks by coming on-site to collect the specimen.


Annapolis Dermatology Center

annapolis dermatology center logo

  • General dermatology services including full skin surveys for skin cancer/melanoma, squamous cell and basal cell carcinomas
  • Offers dermatologic surgery
  • The Annapolitan provides complimentary transportation for any regular visit or surgical procedure at this office because of the close proximity.



Get To Know Us

We are currently welcoming new residents.

For a private tour and personal conversation about The Annapolitan's services, please call Jim Thompson, Executive Director, at (410) 757-7000.

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Did you know?

The Annapolitan is the leading independently owned and managed assisted living community in Anne Arundel County.

For over twenty-five years, we’ve led the county in providing superior assisted living and memory care. Come see our unique, friendly community!