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Our residents and their families speak up with reviews of their experiences at The Annapolitan Assisted Living.

(Names have been withheld for privacy.)

  • I consistently experienced the positive, peaceful, and caring environment at Cattail Cove [memory care] and the Annapolitan overall.

    Family of Resident, April 2024
  • We want to express again our thanks to you and your staff for providing Mom with a safe and comfortable home… In particular, the Cattail Cove [memory care] staff were caring and sweet to Mom, and always responsive to our questions and requests.

    Family of Resident, April 2024
  • Thank you so much for all your care and love for my mom. You were a lifesaver for me… You exceeded our every expectation for her care and well-being.

    Family of Resident, March 2024
  • I very much appreciate the care your staff gave [my father], always with love and dignity.

    I was so comfortable knowing he was taken care of when I wasn’t there, and I was around enough to know that it was 24/7 – it’s just the way you operate. I’m so grateful for everything, I don’t know how you do it but I’m glad you do.

    Daughter of Resident, March 2024
  • Mom’s introduction to the Annapolitan went great. Everyone we met was kind and welcoming, and always willing to stop and help or to answer questions. We stayed to have dinner with her, and the meal was great.

    I especially appreciate Donald’s help with hanging curtains and pictures, and that he took time to do it the same day mom moved in!

    Daughter of Resident, January 2024
  • We want to express our deep gratitude for your staff’s caring and compassion for [our Dad]… it is a great comfort to know that your amazing staff took great care of him.

    Family of Resident, December 2023
  • I want to express how thankful I am that my mother spent close to 7 happy years at The Annapolitan.

    Daughter of Resident, December 2023
  • [W]hat a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner you and your staff put on for our families. The food and the service was incredible, made us all feel very special, was a great celebration. Thank you… The Annapolitan is a blessing to our family, Mom is very happy with the love and care of the staff.

    Family of Resident, November 2023
  • Thank you all for the care that you gave [my father]… I can’t say how much it meant to know that he was taken care of and happy.

    Son of Resident, October 2023
  • Thank you and your staff for taking care of [my mother] the last three and a half years. It has been very comforting to know she was being well taken care of there.

    Daughter of Resident, October 2023
  • Thank you and your staff for the care you provided… everyone at Annapolitan met and exceeded the tasks. For the care, security and friendship you provided [our loved one], we are eternally grateful.

    Family of Resident, September 2023
  • On behalf of the entire family, we want to thank you and all your staff at the Annapolitan for the care you provided for [our loved one]. We are deeply appreciative and were continually impressed with the level of care and attention that everyone in Cattail Cove showed to [her]…
    Again, thank you for all you did to support [her] and our family during this difficult time when her medical and care needs were more than we could provide for in her home.

    Family of Resident, September 2023
  • Thank you for the wonderful job you did taking care of [my mother]. She was happy and content. And my family was at peace knowing she was in such good hands.

    Daughter of Resident, June 2023
  • I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Annapolitan. Since being there, my mom is thriving. She has lost 70 pounds, and can do things she hasn’t been able to do in YEARS. I’ve never seen her happier. I never realized how much she needed socialization. Being there has changed her life!!!!

    Daughter of Resident, February 2023
  • I can’t thank you enough for how wonderfully [the] staff took care of my mother. Her life was extended because of the Annapolitan’s dedication to treating her with dignity and care.

    Daughter of Resident, January 2023
  • Thank you for the amazing care for my mom… I am forever grateful and feel so lucky and blessed to have had you all caring for my mom. Thank you for laughing with her, too.

    Daughter of Resident, December 2022
  • I so appreciate everything… your wonderful staff did for my mom. She really enjoyed living there and everyone went above and beyond to help her. It was wonderful and I’m extremely grateful.
    My mom adored the staff (and everyone!) at the Annapolitan… I feel fortunate to call myself part of the “Annapolitan family.”

    Daughter of Resident, December 2022
  • THANK YOU for having such a wonderful caring staff who took such good care [my mother]…

    …I cannot imagine a better place for anyone’s Mom. Yes, there are fancier places, but none cleaner, nicer, and better than The Annapolitan.

    Daughter of Resident, December 2022
  • Thanks for all you do and for the wonderful staff that takes care of [our relative]. This is a place that people only dream of finding as they age. You and your staff are the reason.

    Family of Resident, November 2022
  • Thank you for taking care of my mom and giving her such a wonderful place to call home.

    Son of Resident, October 2022
  • Traveling for 12 hours to see my mom was excitement enough, however, to walk into your facility and see what I witnessed was beyond satisfying for me. The facility is beautifully located, with one way in and one way out, situated in a wooded area that is beautiful and peaceful. The courtyard, although I didn’t get to go out there due to the heat, was perfectly maintained and secluded, not to mention someone had to be out there with a [resident].
    …As for the staff? I found them so very helpful, thoughtful, gracious, and exuding patience with all of the [residents]. The fact that so many staff were present and available was not only encouraging, but very comforting, knowing that the needs of the [residents] are being attended to. They were funny, kind, and very attentive and accommodating to all, even myself, who was visiting…
    Thank you for all you are doing to make everyone feel welcome and inviting. Keep up the great work on activities. Mom was grinning from ear to ear from seeing me (and seeing her pictures on the wall).
    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

    Daughter of Resident, September 2022
  • On behalf of [our family], I would like to express great thanks and appreciation for the kind and loving care you all have given [mom] over her 13 month stay at The Annapolitan.
    Yours is a very tough job and it takes special people to do it, but you all do – and you do it so well. It was always a pleasure to walk in your open doors to visit mom, to be welcomed warmly every time, and to see so many smiling faces (staff and other residents, too!). Your assisted living “home” comes highly recommended when/if we have friends/family with a similar need. Again we thank you!

    Daughter of Resident, August 2022
  • “I appreciate everything you and the entire staff at the Annapolitan did… The excellent care that was given these last couple months was remarkable. Blessings to all.”

    Son of Resident, July 2022
  • Thank you for a wonderful Mother’s Day! The food was exceptional and [we] enjoyed the music and décor. Great attention to detail and everything was very beautiful and well planned.

    Daughter of Cattail Cove Resident, May 2022
  • I’d like to thank you all again for providing care, assistance, wonderful programs, great food, and a loving, nurturing environment for my mother over the past several years.

    Daughter of Resident, February 2022
  • Just wanted to thank you and your staff for a great bull and oyster roast! Great music, good food… So nice to see people singing along, too. Thank you for all you do! 😀

    Daughter of Resident, January 2022
  • I want to say how pleased I am with your facility and the kindness you and your staff showed mom and our family. We couldn’t have found a better place.

    Daughter of Resident, December 2021
  • [Our mother] is one of your newest residents at The Annapolitan. The whole team has made her feel welcome, safe and secure. I can’t tell you how much that means to our family. Thank you!

    …the three of us have been visiting pretty often and have seen firsthand the care and respect that every one of you shows to mom and all of the lucky residents. We could not be more pleased with the caregivers, food service, housekeeping, maintenance, and administration.

    Family of Resident, December 2021
  • Loving the Annapolitan [is about] the compassionate staff that “wraps my mom in a net of care, a net that hold me, too.”* Thank you for all you do to keep my mom safe and happy.

    *This quote references Be With: Letters to a Caregiver, by Mike Barnes.

    Daughter of Resident, December 2021
  • Although I’ve thanked [everyone] for your help over the past few years, I want to emphasize how thankful I am for the wonderfully reasonable way you handled… the whole COVID issue. Thank you again for your unique leadership and approach.

    Daughter of Resident, December 2021
  • Words cannot express how grateful we are for the way in which you took care of our mom. We enjoyed getting to know all of the staff at [the] Annapolitan.

    Family of Cattail Cove Memory Care Resident, October 2021
  • Many thanks… for another wonderful crab feast! We really enjoyed the piano player too! We had a very enjoyable day. Thank you all!

    Daughter of Resident, September 2021
  • I want to express my appreciation for the kindness and care that [the Annapolitan staff] have shown to my mother and father. It was an incredibly tough and unprecedented time… the Annapolitan rose to the challenge.
    The Annapolitan is a shelter in the storm for so many families. I’m grateful that we were fortunate enough to be one of them.

    Daughter of Resident, July 2021
  • Many thanks to you and the staff for another wonderful party! …I’m in awe of how you and the staff consistently host such delightful events. I greatly appreciate everything everyone at the Annapolitan does for the residents and families.

    Daughter of Resident, June 2021
  • You provided a wonderful family for my mom during her aging years. The Annapolitan staff showed such care and love to her. It takes special gifts to provide for geriatric patients. [I’m] always grateful.

    Daughter of Resident, May 2021
  • Thank you all for a wonderful Cinco de Mayo party on Saturday! You all do the best parties… Please give my accolades to the staff for another fantastic event!

    Daughter of Resident, May 2021
  • The Mother’s Day lunch was wonderful. The food was delicious, the staff took great care of [us], and the musician was very talented. …It was the first time all of us were together since Christmas. Thank you for organizing the lunch; it was a lovely day.

    Daughter of Residents, May 2021
  • It was a pleasure working with your terrific staff for two years. All were wonderful… I miss my favorite meal, catfish, stewed tomatoes and kale! Keep up the good work.

    Spouse of Resident, May 2021
  • I really don’t know how I can possibly express my gratitude to you and the entire team. I am so very thankful you’ve allowed and enabled me to visit with my mother over this past year and that she remains safe and cared for by incredibly patient and professional people.
    The way your team has rallied and sustained the good fight throughout this period is truly remarkable and I wish I had some way to thank each and every one of you.

    Daughter of Resident, March 2021
  • Thank you and all for making [Octoberfest] happen and keeping joy in the house. I continue to be grateful for the energy and enthusiasm evident in pulling these events together. My daughter and mother had a terrific time.

    Daughter of Resident, October 2020
  • We, too, enjoyed [our mother] being at the Annapolitan and under the care of your dedicated staff. She felt that they were her friends, and was treated as a friend… Thank you again.

    Family of Resident, October 2020
  • We used to help out [resident], and I was on the phone today with her daughter… and she could not say enough good things about all you have been doing for your residents to keep them safe and healthy during this tough time. She said her mother is doing well, seems to be enjoying her ‘new home,’ and that you have been doing an exceptional job on behalf of all your residents.

    We all like to hear the good, and we can certainly echo what [she] said, especially when working with other communities in the area. You have been tremendous and ‘ahead of the game,’ so to speak, so thank you!!!

    Health Care Provider, October 2020
  • Also, THANK YOU and the entire crew for a fantastic afternoon crab feast yesterday. It was a wonderful gift for us to finally gather as a family, and the extraordinary measures you took to ensure our comfort and safety went far above and beyond. My mother was so happy to feel like she was hosting a party for us, the music was terrific, and the food was outstanding… Our family is grateful for the time and effort the team expended to make sure the celebration was safe and successful. It was a really fun afternoon! Thank you all!!!

    Daughter of Memory Care Resident, October 2020
  • You all have been amazing with keeping residents safe during the pandemic. We feel blessed that mom is in such a wonderful, caring community. Thank you.

    Daughter of Resident, September 2020
  • Thank you for being “on the job” during this coronavirus pandemic. Thank you for giving so generously and unselfishly of your time and your attention and loving concern.

    Family of Resident, June 2020
  • We are writing to express our deepest appreciation for the care and community that you provided for [our grandparents]. Your kindness, love, and support over the past years was an incredible benefit to them and us. [They] both were proud to identify as Annapolitans and you saw to it that they had their grace, dignity and pride… What a relief it was to know that they were in your good hands. That we might pull up to the facility to find Nana sunning in the front garden or imagine from afar that Grandpa was sharing lunch at a table with good friends. Words cannot truly express our gratitude to the place you have created and the community that you are.

    Family of Residents, April 2020
  • I will always be grateful for the warmth, love, and friendship of our family at The Annapolitan – you all were a real blessing.

    Daughter of Resident, February 2020
  • I want to thank the entire Annapolitan staff for the compassionate and excellent care they gave my mother during her last year. It gave me such peace of mind to know that such caring people were seeing to her needs. She was very happy at The Annapolitan. She was always telling me how wonderful the staff was and how much she enjoyed the daily activities… I am truly grateful for you and your wonderful staff.

    Daughter of Resident, February 2020
  • Taking time out to thank all of you for the time and effort given to veterans. My husband was so, so pleased with the hat and plaque that was made and given to him by his mother [who is a resident at The Annapolitan]. Just being remembered was enough, but you all went way out of your way. Thank you so much.

    Family of Resident, December 2019
  • A lot of changes for our Mom in such a short time – we know she was safe, well fed (she gained weight), and was happy. She loved her independence to go out on the patio, watch birds, and go on trips. Thank you for making her life better, productive, and safe.

    Family of Resident, November 2019

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Michael Meystel
Michael Meystel
Very caring staff and friendly residents. Small family feel. Clean and well kept. Don't come here - it should continue to be a secret.
Kerry Willingham
Kerry Willingham
We moved our mom here about three weeks ago from a place that was more expensive and not very caring. Annapolitan Assisted Living is a hidden GEM! This place is organized, caring, spectacular! In less than a month our mom is smiling again, out of her room doing activities again, and she is even playing the piano again! The nurses are wonderful and caring. The director is amazing. Most workers have been here for over 7 years, and you can tell they enjoy their jobs. The dining hall is great, and we just love them all! We are so glad that someone told us about this gem of a place, otherwise, they don't advertise and they don't spend extra money doing it because they aren't a corporation. What a lovely place! Thank you!
Sean Michaels
Sean Michaels
Look no further, this assisted living home is amazing! My mother lived in an assisted living facility prior to moving to Annapolitan Assisted Living, and while we are thankful that her prior facility kept her safe and cared for, her former assisted living experience was no comparison to the wonderful experience she has had at the Annapolitan. My mom has lived here for almost three years and I am always impressed by how professional the staff is, and how kind they are to my mother. Additionally, the activities director always has terrific parties for the residents and the residents’ family and friends, and they take residents on outings to restaurants, parks, and even Bowie Baysox baseball games. During the COVID pandemic, the facility manager was absolutely terrific in balancing the health needs of residents with their emotional need to see family and friends, and implemented common sense precautions to protect residents. The entire staff is top-notch, friendly and caring. If you are looking for a place for yourself or your loved one, the Annapolitan is a terrific choice!
The very best Staff and Facility! We looked at several in the area. The care they provide is wonderful!.. The food is excellent. Thank you. We rest easy knowing our Father is in the best AssustedLiving home.. a
Amy Mcfarland
Amy Mcfarland
This place is wonderful! My mom is very well taken care of, the staff is very attentive. Jim Thompson, the director has gone above and beyond to make the families of the residents well informed during COVID-19.
Marion Frost
Marion Frost
At this Thanksgiving time of year, our family has much to be thankful for, not the least of which was our decision four years ago to choose The Annapolitan as Dad’s new residence. Dad is now 105 years old and is extremely happy in his surroundings. There is not a doubt in our minds that Dad’s happiness is solely due to the care, compassion, and respect he receives from the dedicated staff and management. I have written two or three previous reviews so that other families can make the right choice for the care of their loved ones. Those reviews have been equally balanced between the staff’s excellence and that of The Annapolitan’s management, but this time I want to commend, applaud, and extend our gratitude more specifically to Jim Thompson, the Director. By anyone’s measure, by any standard, I do not think there could be a better director of an assisted living facility. The quality and consistency of care over the four years of Dad’s residency has been unwavering and above reproach, and is indicative of Jim’s skills. He is kind, calm, and attentive to residents and family alike, yet maintains a professional demeanor that inspires confidence. His understanding, response, and communication during the current Covid-19 crisis is to be applauded, yet I think he does not get enough credit. Most people probably wouldn’t realize the number of masters that Jim has been serving this year: the Health Department, the Governor’s regulations, his residents, his staff, his families, and, of course, the Virus. Even after the most recent round of on-site testing, which resulted in a very unexpected 32 “Positives,” Jim had every person retested within eight hours. Every one of those 32 retests came back as “Negative.” Jim and The Annapolitan have had in impeccable record of performance and communication during a very unpredictable and uncertain time. Our family is very grateful. In closing I want to send a message to my own family members…If I ever need assisted care, PLEASE check me into “Hotel Annapolitan.” Marion Frost
Melissa Rayhart
Melissa Rayhart
Words cannot express my appreciation for Annapolitan Assisted Living during my dad's stay of almost 2 years. The staff is top notch as is the management. It is true what the reviews are saying. Annapolitan AL is a great place, good food, fun parties, outings and more. My dad was so very happy there. Also, we as a family were happy that he had a safe and loving environment that included us any time day or night. I was very concerned when he had to be moved to the memory care unit. I quickly learned that the advice I was given (that it was time) was spot on. Although he was not in memory care for very long due to a lung illness and a stroke he received excellent care from the staff. They worked tirelessly to make him comfortable and I will be forever grateful. Part of the sadness of losing my dad is that I will miss seeing on a regular basis all of the folks that helped our family to make his last years great years. Don't overlook this place in your search for excellent care and an extended group of family and friends!
Catherine Weston
Catherine Weston
Respite Care for My Dad: This place is awesome! Everyone is really kind and helpful. My dad was skeptical at first but found the place to be really nice. It is spotlessly clean with none of the smells you find at other places. Jim worked with me to get him registered and all the required paperwork prior to him checking in. I love this place and will keep them in mind for upcoming respite care needs and any long term care needs that may arise! What a hidden gem! Oh, and the pictures you see are true to date - none of the styling that other places have and when you arrive it looks totally dated and dirty and old!
Doug Schenker
Doug Schenker
The Annapolitan is now my home. I'm happy here. There are a lot of activities. The staff encourages me to press the button on my pendant any time I need help. It is after all assisted living. They make sure that the residents get their medicine on time. More later when I have time.