Our residents and their families speak up with reviews of their experiences at The Annapolitan Assisted Living.

(Names have been withheld for privacy.)

  • Wanted to send a quick note to say how wonderful today’s Christmas Eve-Eve lunch was. We really appreciate everything you all do – especially the monthly family celebrations, but you all outdid yourselves today. The food, people and calmness of the luncheon were all beyond expectations – especially the people who were serving the food, giving gifts to the residents, and doing everything to make for a very special, pleasant celebration. [We] are so happy that we found the Annapolitan. You all are the best. My kudos to you and the staff for again putting on another outstanding event.

    Family of Resident, December 2017
  • If everyone in the world were as kind and caring as the staff of the Annapolitan, the world would be a better place. Thank you for all you do to make the lives of others so happy.

    Family of Resident, December 2017
  • As [mom’s health] got worse and your job grew harder, you only grew more attentive to my mom’s needs. That same commitment to all your residents can be seen in their smiles and good attitude, which was an important part of making my parents feel at home. Knowing they were taken care of so well was a huge comfort to us and the rest of our family…

    Keep up the good work… you should know that you are much appreciated by many.

    Family of Resident, December 2017
  • It’s difficult to express just how grateful I am for the care [my husband] received in Cattail… All the aides are so loving and good to the residents. I saw many instances of spontaneous hugs or gentle touches from many staff members.

    Please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial. I am sure I have left people out who deserve mention – front desk staff comes to mind, but everyone I encountered was truly exceptional. You all were so caring of him. I know he appreciated it – you were family for his last four years.

    Spouse of Cattail Cove Resident, November 2017
  • Dear Annapolitan Family, You were and are a gift from God… all of your staff and residents! You were His angels on earth and the very best place for [our mother’s] last days – for her health, her marriage, and expression of the kind heart and humor she had. Thank you!

    Family of Resident, November 2017
  • We want to express our sincere appreciation to you for providing such wonderful and compassionate care to [our father] over the past five years. It was of tremendous comfort to us to know he was in such good hands. We are truly grateful for your support.

    Family of Resident, November 2017
  • The family… wishes to thank you for the understanding, advice, support, and care you gave to [us] during a difficult time. Your compassion and patience helped us… best wishes to you all.

    Family of Resident, October 2017
  • Words can not express my gratitude for everything everyone did for my mother. Day in and day out, each caregiver treated my mother with kindness and respect.

    Daughter of Resident, September 2017
  • We want to thank every employee for their efforts in making our dad feel cared for and loved… we know we picked the best assisted living in the county. The staff is the best.

    Family of Resident, August 2017
  • Thank you for helping us make [my mother-in-law’s] 90th birthday party so special. Your staff were wonderful with helping with the decorating and lunch – the food was excellent. All of her guests were so complimentary of your staff and the whole facility. And everyone had fun, especially [my mother-in-law].

    Daugher-In-Law of Resident, July 2017
  • I want to express my sincere gratitude to you and the staff of The Annapolitan for the care my sister received. Living out of state made it very important to me to have faith in the caregiving staff I selected. Out of twelve facilities that we visited, I was most impressed by The Annapolitan. I feel that your staff was caring and responsive to [my sister’s] needs. Several staff were especially loving to her, with hugs and kisses… I was most comforted knowing she was receiving the best care at The Annapolitan.

    Brother of Resident, June 2017
  • While her stay was brief, mom was very happy with the services from The Annapolitan. You and your staff are to be commended for the good and compassionate work you do.

    Family of Resident, March 2017
  • I thank you for three and a half years of wonderful care for my mom. I knew I could trust you and your team at The Annapolitan to be there for her, and for me.

    Daughter of Resident, March 2017
  • We place our most treasured family members in your care. Know that your care and kindness toward our mother did not go unnoticed. Thank you for your compassion and care.

    Family of Resident, February 2017
  • Thank you for the care and friendship you gave my mother while at The Annapolitan. You made the last year very special.

    Family of Resident, February 2017
  • I just want to thank you so much for the wonderful care and kindness that everyone showed to [my mother]… it was an important few months for her and me.

    Daughter of Resident, February 2017
  • Thank you for your support… Although mom was at The Annapolitan a short time, we made some good friends who took good care of her.

    Family of Resident, January 2017
  • Thanks for all you do to make our mother’s life good! Merry Christmas!

    Family of Resident, December 2016
  • Thank you for the wonderful care you provide to our mother… hope you all have a great holiday and a very happy new year!

    Family of Resident, December 2016
  • Words cannot express our endless gratitude for the care and love you gave our father these past few years.

    Family of Resident, December 2016
  • Your employees do such a nice job… it’s appreciated. I enjoyed the meal and loved the Fat Tire. Sincere thanks!

    Family of Resident, November 2016
  • Our family would like to share our gratitude and thanks to all at The Annapolitan who cared for [our mother]… she understood and appreciated all of your hard and compassionate work.

    Family of Resident, November 2016
  • Thanks for a super-duper feast yesterday. The crabs were delicious, the fried chicken heavenly, and the service flawless. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Pretty soon I’m going to run out of superlatives! Thanks again.

    Family of Resident, August 2016
  • You brought joy and meaning to [our father’s] life… You treated him with dignity and cared for him with love. You acknowledged his military service on Veteran’s Day, and that meant a lot to him and me. [We] are very grateful to you. We will never know all you did for him, but [he] knew. Thank you.

    Family of Resident, May 2016
  • Thanks to all who have cared for my mother over the last year and a half. While at the Annapolitan, my mother received outstanding personal care, made friends and re-established her social life. I cannot say enough about how quickly the Annapolitan became her home – and contributed to her enrichment.

    Son of Resident, February 2016
  • We are so grateful to your staff. It is so nice knowing Shirley’s well taken care of. She can’t wait to be home [at The Annapolitan]. Many thanks for all that you do for her!

    Family of Resident Receiving Treatment Outside The Annapolitan, January 2016
  • I wish there was some way to show our appreciation for all the things you do for my mom and everyone else in your care. Thank you for all the ways you make it a very special place to live.

    Daughter and Son-in-Law of Resident, January 2016
  • Before moving to the Annapolitan [our mother] had been in several skilled nursing facilities and several other assisted living homes. We can say with confidence that the Annapolitan was by far the one that made her feel the most comfortable and made family and friends feel the most welcome.

    Children of Resident, October 2015
  • I cannot thank you and the staff enough for all that you have done for my mother during the last year. She consistently told me that the staff was wonderful, the food was good, and that she was happy with her room.

    Son of Former Resident, October 2015
  • The Annapolitan has been such an important part of helping M and B over the years to live their lives to the fullest… You provided a safe, caring, and loving atmosphere that gave M’s extended family peace of mind. We will be eternally grateful for playing such an important role in M and B’s lives. Thank you almost doesn’t seem enough [for] all that you did and gave to our family. We will always hold The Annapolitan close to our hearts.

    Family of Residents, August 2015
  • Thank you so much for the resources. I have had an opportunity to review each and will begin with the Aid & Assistance. The time you took with me yesterday was valuable and greatly appreciated.

    Daughter Seeking Services for Her Veteran Father, July 2015
  • Thank you all so much for everything you did to take care of our mom while she was at The Annapolitan. You will never know how much it meant to us.

    Family of Resident, July 2015
  • emilie100Emilie and her family wish to thank you and your outstanding staff for making her 100th birthday even more special. All of your patient assistance [with] my requests is sincerely appreciated. A special thank you to your chef (the dinner was great) and to Luz, who was so efficient. The Governor’s representative was very impressed with The Annapolitan. [The] activity room was perfect; a very comfortable family feeling.

    Once again, many thanks and best wishes to all.

    Resident and Family, June 2015
  • In general, and even in clearly difficult situations, I’ve seen staff and management respond to others again and again with genuineness, respectfulness and kindness. I am so grateful for all of you and so glad that my mom could make her home with you.

    Daughter of Resident, April 2015
  • We are thankful every day that we found The Annapolitan. Mom is so happy there – she has her friends and activities. Fun events every month, the staff are so friendly and professional. Mom feels like she’s in the “lap of luxury” but she’s able to afford it on her fixed income. And we really appreciate your warm hospitality – allowing us to come over and have meals with Mom at no charge and use the activities room for her 80th birthday party – providing ice and beverage containers and utensils. We looked at many places before choosing The Annapolitan. We whole-heartedly recommend The Annapolitan to anyone with an aging parent who needs a bit of extra help but still wants to stay active and live with dignity.

    Daughter of Resident, March 2015
  • Thanks for taking such good care of our Dad… during his stay with you. We appreciate every one of you for making his day a little brighter. Bless you all.

    Son and Daughter-in-Law of Resident, February 2015
  • “Saturday afternoon [Family and Friends Party] was delightful. I have not seem my mother that happy in ages… it felt good.”

    Daughter of Resident, February 2015
  • Thanks for a terrific Christmas celebration. Beautiful decorations, delicious food, festive entertainment, and great gifts – you did it all! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you so much.

    Family of Resident, December 2014
  • They were terrific with my ex-husband. I never had any problems with him there. My son is POA… so we moved his father… to be closer to him, but Annapolitan was terrific. They would clean his place and took care of his cat. They went out and bought kitty litter and whatever he needed and then sent my son the bill. The care was excellent. It’s a wonderful wonderful place. They had a going away party for him with cards and presents and a cake.

    - Family of Resident, from Senioradvisor.com, January 2015
  • You and your staff took such care of [my husband’s] mom… It was a relief to us to know she was surrounded by individuals such as you! God Bless You!

    Daughter-in-law and Son of Resident, November 2014
  • Just wanted to thank you all so much for helping to make my father’s 94th birthday get-together a great success… The food was very good, and the activities room was perfect for cake and entertainment, and everyone got greeted and directed to the right location with ease. It is difficult to plan something like this when you are out of state, but all of you helped to make it possible.

    Daughter of Resident, October 2014
  • My mother is in the area for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. They can decide what color of the room they want — they’d paint it up and everything… It is very clean, and the staff is very affectionate, very nice, and very kind. I don’t know what else to say; it is a very, very good place. My mother is a very feisty 92 year old woman… This is the first place that she has really liked.

    - Daughter of Cattail Cove Resident, from Caring.com, October 2014
  • I wish to thank you and The Annapolitan staff for your kind and attentive care of our mother… especially the care of the Cattail Cove caregivers.

    …Your staff always finds a way to do what has to be done cheerfully. They always treat mom like the special woman she is… The fact that she is five weeks into her recovery and has developed none of the complications of prolonged bed rest is a testament to that care.

    Daughter of Cattail Cove Resident, October 2014
  • All of you have been so nice in such a thoughtful way, it’s hard to find a way to thank each of you for all of your kindness. Thank you for my parting gifts and the party you had for me. I will miss all of you.

    A Former Annapolitan Resident, September 2014
  • My family is grateful for the care that [my husband] received. It comforted us to know that he was safe in your care. In the near future I want to return and visit. It is with a grateful heart that my family thanks you.

    Spouse of Cattail Cove Resident, September 2014
  • As always, thank you and please pass on my sincere thanks to all the caregivers involved with mom’s care. As I’m sure you’re aware, I’m there visiting mom every week and I see the kindness and attentiveness shown to her and the other residents. You have some of the best.

    Son of Cattail Cove Resident, September 2014
  • Just wanted to let you know that [my father] was very touched by the Easter baskets that you had for everyone at breakfast yesterday. He said that “we’re old people who are just kids at heart;” he obviously really appreciated the thoughtfulness.

    Daughter of Resident, April 2014
  • To all who lovingly cared for [my husband]:  I appreciate you so much.  Thank you for the lovely basket of white lilies, carnations, and chrysanthemums that you sent to [his] “Celebration of Life.”  Thank you and love –

    Wife of Cattail Cove Resident, April 2014
  • Thanks so much for hosting the informational seminar yesterday. You were a very gracious host to escort everyone, assist with the food service, and to ensure everyone was comfortable. You were absolutely correct about the delicious food. Lunch was not just a meal, but a feast! …Please convey my thanks… for a job well done!

    Seminar Attendee, Hospice of the Chesapeake, April 2014
  • I want to express my gratitude to you and the staff for caring for my husband as you did. I could sense that the staff really cared. I was never disappointed in [his] appearance and attire when I visited. You are to be congratulated for the high quality of care the residents receive.

    Wife of Cattail Cove Resident, March 2014

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