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Our residents and their families speak up with reviews of their experiences at The Annapolitan Assisted Living.

(Names have been withheld for privacy.)

  • “I appreciate everything you and the entire staff at the Annapolitan did… The excellent care that was given these last couple months was remarkable. Blessings to all.”

    Son of Resident, July 2022
  • Thank you for a wonderful Mother’s Day! The food was exceptional and [we] enjoyed the music and décor. Great attention to detail and everything was very beautiful and well planned.

    Daughter of Cattail Cove Resident, May 2022
  • I’d like to thank you all again for providing care, assistance, wonderful programs, great food, and a loving, nurturing environment for my mother over the past several years.

    Daughter of Resident, February 2022
  • Just wanted to thank you and your staff for a great bull and oyster roast! Great music, good food… So nice to see people singing along, too. Thank you for all you do! 😀

    Daughter of Resident, January 2022
  • I want to say how pleased I am with your facility and the kindness you and your staff showed mom and our family. We couldn’t have found a better place.

    Daughter of Resident, December 2021
  • [Our mother] is one of your newest residents at The Annapolitan. The whole team has made her feel welcome, safe and secure. I can’t tell you how much that means to our family. Thank you!

    …the three of us have been visiting pretty often and have seen firsthand the care and respect that every one of you shows to mom and all of the lucky residents. We could not be more pleased with the caregivers, food service, housekeeping, maintenance, and administration.

    Family of Resident, December 2021
  • Loving the Annapolitan [is about] the compassionate staff that “wraps my mom in a net of care, a net that hold me, too.”* Thank you for all you do to keep my mom safe and happy.

    *This quote references Be With: Letters to a Caregiver, by Mike Barnes.

    Daughter of Resident, December 2021
  • Although I’ve thanked [everyone] for your help over the past few years, I want to emphasize how thankful I am for the wonderfully reasonable way you handled… the whole COVID issue. Thank you again for your unique leadership and approach.

    Daughter of Resident, December 2021
  • Words cannot express how grateful we are for the way in which you took care of our mom. We enjoyed getting to know all of the staff at [the] Annapolitan.

    Family of Cattail Cove Memory Care Resident, October 2021
  • Many thanks… for another wonderful crab feast! We really enjoyed the piano player too! We had a very enjoyable day. Thank you all!

    Daughter of Resident, September 2021
  • I want to express my appreciation for the kindness and care that [the Annapolitan staff] have shown to my mother and father. It was an incredibly tough and unprecedented time… the Annapolitan rose to the challenge.
    The Annapolitan is a shelter in the storm for so many families. I’m grateful that we were fortunate enough to be one of them.

    Daughter of Resident, July 2021
  • Many thanks to you and the staff for another wonderful party! …I’m in awe of how you and the staff consistently host such delightful events. I greatly appreciate everything everyone at the Annapolitan does for the residents and families.

    Daughter of Resident, June 2021
  • You provided a wonderful family for my mom during her aging years. The Annapolitan staff showed such care and love to her. It takes special gifts to provide for geriatric patients. [I’m] always grateful.

    Daughter of Resident, May 2021
  • Thank you all for a wonderful Cinco de Mayo party on Saturday! You all do the best parties… Please give my accolades to the staff for another fantastic event!

    Daughter of Resident, May 2021
  • The Mother’s Day lunch was wonderful. The food was delicious, the staff took great care of [us], and the musician was very talented. …It was the first time all of us were together since Christmas. Thank you for organizing the lunch; it was a lovely day.

    Daughter of Residents, May 2021
  • It was a pleasure working with your terrific staff for two years. All were wonderful… I miss my favorite meal, catfish, stewed tomatoes and kale! Keep up the good work.

    Spouse of Resident, May 2021
  • I really don’t know how I can possibly express my gratitude to you and the entire team. I am so very thankful you’ve allowed and enabled me to visit with my mother over this past year and that she remains safe and cared for by incredibly patient and professional people.
    The way your team has rallied and sustained the good fight throughout this period is truly remarkable and I wish I had some way to thank each and every one of you.

    Daughter of Resident, March 2021
  • Thank you and all for making [Octoberfest] happen and keeping joy in the house. I continue to be grateful for the energy and enthusiasm evident in pulling these events together. My daughter and mother had a terrific time.

    Daughter of Resident, October 2020
  • We, too, enjoyed [our mother] being at the Annapolitan and under the care of your dedicated staff. She felt that they were her friends, and was treated as a friend… Thank you again.

    Family of Resident, October 2020
  • We used to help out [resident], and I was on the phone today with her daughter… and she could not say enough good things about all you have been doing for your residents to keep them safe and healthy during this tough time. She said her mother is doing well, seems to be enjoying her ‘new home,’ and that you have been doing an exceptional job on behalf of all your residents.

    We all like to hear the good, and we can certainly echo what [she] said, especially when working with other communities in the area. You have been tremendous and ‘ahead of the game,’ so to speak, so thank you!!!

    Health Care Provider, October 2020
  • Also, THANK YOU and the entire crew for a fantastic afternoon crab feast yesterday. It was a wonderful gift for us to finally gather as a family, and the extraordinary measures you took to ensure our comfort and safety went far above and beyond. My mother was so happy to feel like she was hosting a party for us, the music was terrific, and the food was outstanding… Our family is grateful for the time and effort the team expended to make sure the celebration was safe and successful. It was a really fun afternoon! Thank you all!!!

    Daughter of Memory Care Resident, October 2020
  • You all have been amazing with keeping residents safe during the pandemic. We feel blessed that mom is in such a wonderful, caring community. Thank you.

    Daughter of Resident, September 2020
  • Thank you for being “on the job” during this coronavirus pandemic. Thank you for giving so generously and unselfishly of your time and your attention and loving concern.

    Family of Resident, June 2020
  • We are writing to express our deepest appreciation for the care and community that you provided for [our grandparents]. Your kindness, love, and support over the past years was an incredible benefit to them and us. [They] both were proud to identify as Annapolitans and you saw to it that they had their grace, dignity and pride… What a relief it was to know that they were in your good hands. That we might pull up to the facility to find Nana sunning in the front garden or imagine from afar that Grandpa was sharing lunch at a table with good friends. Words cannot truly express our gratitude to the place you have created and the community that you are.

    Family of Residents, April 2020
  • I will always be grateful for the warmth, love, and friendship of our family at The Annapolitan – you all were a real blessing.

    Daughter of Resident, February 2020
  • I want to thank the entire Annapolitan staff for the compassionate and excellent care they gave my mother during her last year. It gave me such peace of mind to know that such caring people were seeing to her needs. She was very happy at The Annapolitan. She was always telling me how wonderful the staff was and how much she enjoyed the daily activities… I am truly grateful for you and your wonderful staff.

    Daughter of Resident, February 2020
  • Taking time out to thank all of you for the time and effort given to veterans. My husband was so, so pleased with the hat and plaque that was made and given to him by his mother [who is a resident at The Annapolitan]. Just being remembered was enough, but you all went way out of your way. Thank you so much.

    Family of Resident, December 2019
  • A lot of changes for our Mom in such a short time – we know she was safe, well fed (she gained weight), and was happy. She loved her independence to go out on the patio, watch birds, and go on trips. Thank you for making her life better, productive, and safe.

    Family of Resident, November 2019
  • Your kindness and thoughtfulness meant so much. Knowing our father was in such good hands brought a sense of peace to our family.

    Family of Resident, October 2019
  • Please convey our thanks to the staff of The Annapolitan and especially Cattail Cove for the the superb care they gave [my husband] during his stay there.


    My only regret is that we did not find The Annapolitan and Cattail Cove – where the staff truly know how to interact with and care for people with dementia – much sooner. Thank you again.

    Spouse of Resident, September 2019
  • Words cannot express my appreciation for Annapolitan Assisted Living during my dad’s stay of almost 2 years. The staff is top notch as is the management. It is true what the reviews are saying. Annapolitan is a great place, good food, fun parties, outings and more. My dad was so very happy there. Also, we as a family were happy that he had a safe and loving environment that included us any time day or night. I was very concerned when he had to be moved to the memory care unit. I quickly learned that the advice I was given (that it was time) was spot on. Although he was not in memory care for very long… he received excellent care from the staff. They worked tirelessly to make him comfortable and I will be forever grateful… Don’t overlook this place in your search for excellent care and an extended group of family and friends!

    Daughter of Resident, May 2019
  • …Let me say thank you to you and your staff for such a wonderful experience for [our] family. Words can’t express my gratitude for how easy you made EVERYTHING for us. You and your staff do an outstanding job!!

    Family of Resident, May 2019
  • Once again, thank you and the crew for a fun & energy filled celebration of Spring! My mom really enjoyed the music and it was fun to see her and other Annapolitan friends dancing, laughing, singing and clapping along. The food was really good, and the entertainment terrific. My daughter and I enjoyed the opportunity to meet other families of my mom’s friends as well. Just when I think your monthly Family & Friends day has peaked, you out-do yourselves again. Thank you for all the contagious energy and enthusiasm you all bring!

    And then, as icing on the cake, I arrived this morning to pick my mother up for brunch and found the cheerful Easter Bunny hopping through the hallways, delivering baskets of treats to each and every resident. Everyone in the breakfast room was buzzing about the contents of their baskets (glitter pencils!!!), talking about yesterday’s party and how great the singer was, and how much fun everyone had. The energy from the party had carried over – it was so nice to see!

    I’m grateful that my mother has found such a loving place to live. Thank you and every one of your staff for making it home.

    Daughter of Resident, April 2019
  • Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone for yet another fun family & friends event. Good food & drink, goofy hats, music and dancing! [Y]ou all bring such energy, enthusiasm and joy to these gatherings. My mom and I really enjoyed the afternoon – thank you.

    Daughter of Resident, March 2019
  • Just wanted to extend a sincere “thank you” to you and your staff for the tremendous response to our request for a room to celebrate Mom’s 85th birthday!

    Pam made sure to think of every detail, and Shaylia did a great job with setting up the room. We could not have been more pleased and know that we made Mom’s day!

    Again, thanks to everyone who had a hand in making [the day] so special!

    Family of Resident, February 2019
  • After all these years, just saying “thank you” is barely adequate to express all my gratitude for the wonderful care, support, and kindness my mother received during her stay. I am sincerely grateful to everyone at The Annapolitan for making my mother’s [years there] full of life and companionship…

    The Annapolitan is a special place because of all of you!

    Daughter of Resident, February 2019
  • We have always been grateful to have you in our lives and your kindness meant so much. We will never forget your hugs and kind words of support, while remaining professional and efficient throughout [our] journey there.

    Family of Resident, January 2019
  • Thanks so much to you all for your thoughtfulness, and the many, many (MANY!) things you do for all of us!

    Resident, January 2019
  • This is a small token of our deep appreciation for all that you did for our Mom while she lived at the Annapolitan. It was a comfort to have her close by. Your willingness to be accessible to answer questions… was a comfort as well.

    …Thank you for the good times, the Friends and Family gatherings, the activities, tweaks to the bathroom and bedroom to make things easier for [our mother]. Thank you, too, not only for the care received… but for your patience… warmest regards.

    Family of Resident, December 2018
  • I want to express my family’s sincere appreciation for the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at The Annapolitan. The food was great and your terrific staff did an excellent job. I am very thankful that my mother is living at The Annapolitan, where she receives wonderful care from such kind and caring people.

    Daughter of Resident, December 2018
  • We want to thank you so much for [Thanksgiving]. The tables were very pretty and the food was very good… I am sure it all took lots of time and hard work!

    Guests of Resident, November 2018
  • We’ve just had a delicious, memorable Thanksgiving meal surrounded by happy families and cheerful staff. I am continually in awe of the remarkable people you have working for us… The food was really exceptional, especially since so many people needed to be served.
    My mother was so pleased to be able to “host” us for Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you all so very much for making that happen. On counting our blessings this year, my mother noted how grateful she was to live among friends and new family. Thank you.

    Daughter of Resident, November 2018
  • Just wanted to let you know how much [we], along with our family’s long-time friends, enjoyed the Crab Feast! The food was very good, and the entertainment was great. We had a wonderful time and just wanted you to know that we appreciate you and your staff very much. Oh, and the crabs were fantastic. Last, but not least, the drinks were wonderful too!

    Family of Resident, September 2018
  • We would like to thank the staff at the Annapolitan for so much. If [our mother] could put it into words, we think it would go something like this…
    “I’ve lived at the Annapolitan for four years… there has been a common theme among those who work here: work with compassion and sprinkle in a good amount of humor… Thanks for all of the times you were so ready to share a smile with me. Some of us have a tough time using words to express ourselves. Life for us would be very lonely without smiles. I think God might have given us smiles, especially to keep us from feeling lonely. Your many smiles warmed my heart. It was fun the way you laughed at my almost constant attempts at humor…”
    As her family, we would like to sincerely thank you for your warmth and your tender expertise, for your many kindnesses, for the times you were particularly gentle, and especially for the times you laughed with [our mother].


    Family of Resident, July 2018
  • I just want to thank you and the entire staff for the years of dedicated assistance to both of my parents. Me and my family are forever grateful for the great care they received and how comforting it’s been to us knowing they were in such good hands.

    Daughter of Residents, June 2018
  • Thank you so very much for the care and patience you gave to my grandmother. Everyone there is so kind and helpful. It always looks so nice there and it was beautiful at Christmas! My grandmother was very fortunate… to spend her days in such a warm and friendly place.

    Granddaughter of Resident, April 2018
  • My sister and I want to thank you for everything you and every member of your staff did for our mother while she was there at The Annapolitan… we will continue to feel so fortunate to have found such a warm and wonderful place for her… from her comfortable and beautiful room, [to] delicious meals, fun activities, great parties, and excellent care – we couldn’t have asked for more. Every staff member we met, without exception, was friendly, helpful, patient, and caring toward our mother – as well as toward us. There are no words that adequately express how grateful we are to everyone there who supported us – and our mother – through this passage.

    Daughters of Resident, April 2018
  • Since arriving to her new home in October, my mother has been met with compassion, optimism, enthusiasm, and kindness in an extraordinarily consistent way. Each and every one of you has treated her with dignity and sensitivity. I am consistently impressed with the professionalism each of you display, and the cheerfulness I see every time I visit.

    My mother moved from another assisted living facility, and is so much happier living with you all. The difference is not only in the physical accommodation, but is due to the remarkable people she now calls her new family. For that I am extraordinarily grateful.

    Daughter of Resident, March 2018
  • Once again you and your crew put on a terrific party. My mom and I both enjoyed the music and camaraderie at the festivities. It was fun to see all of the residents enjoying themselves. Your staff was, as always, engaged and attentive throughout.

    I’m grateful to all of you for making such a remarkable effort to bring light and joy into my mother’s home.

    I look forward to the next family day!

    Daughter of Resident, February 2018
  • Wanted to send a quick note to say how wonderful today’s Christmas Eve-Eve lunch was. We really appreciate everything you all do – especially the monthly family celebrations, but you all outdid yourselves today. The food, people and calmness of the luncheon were all beyond expectations – especially the people who were serving the food, giving gifts to the residents, and doing everything to make for a very special, pleasant celebration. [We] are so happy that we found the Annapolitan. You all are the best. My kudos to you and the staff for again putting on another outstanding event.

    Family of Resident, December 2017

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